Functional tests

unctional Tests are carried out in order to verify if the IT system behaves in accordance with functional specification contained in analytical documentation.

Quallab performs the following types of system tests:

testy_funkcjonalne Types of tests Types of tests testy funkcjonalne

Mobile Application Tests 

Mobile Application Tests are performed to verify if an application is working in accordance with business requirements. We verify if the installation of native applications works properly on different devices.  We verify mobile applications against functional requirements. We perform manual tests and create advanced environments for automated testing.



mobile1 Types of tests Types of tests mobile1

Compatibility tests

Compatibility tests – are conducted to test the system on different versions of internet browsers and for a variety of screen resolutions (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome).

komp1 Types of tests Types of tests komp1

Data migration tests

Data migration tests – we verify performance and functionality of data migration tools using functions of systems from which data are migrated. Data integrity and correctness check is performed on the target system.

komp2 Types of tests Types of tests komp2

Performance and load tests

We conduct performance and load tests which verify if system meets performance requirements.

We execute performance tests which include all components of a system.
We use the following tools: Apache Jmeter, HP LoadRunner, Performance Center, LoadComplete, loadUI, Neotys NeoLoad, Oracle e-Load.

wydajnosc Types of tests Types of tests wydajnosc


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