We test the most advanced software solutions

Functional Tests are carried out in order to verify if the IT system behaves in accordance with functional specification contained in analytical documentation.

We have expertise and strong experience in testing IT software systems

  • We have the experience and expertise at all the levels of software testing
  • We have experience in using many open source and commercial tools
  • We have experience in testing systems and applications for many industries
  • Our engineers have conducted tests of various technologies
  • We have experience in advanced testing of mobile applications

We have been cooperating with the biggest corporations

  • We have implemented large testing campaigns involving several dozens of testers
  • Systems tested by us are used by thousands of users per second
  • We have conducted tests for the largest corporations, including combined software, hardware and infrastructure testing
  • We have tested systems that relate to critical services (e.g. energy industry, banking and public administration)

Our offer :

  • Funcional tests
  • Non-functional tests
  • Mobile tests
  • Compatibility tests
  • Data migration tests
  • Performance and load tests
  • Security testing

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