We offer formal audits, technical and safety tests of IT systems

We conduct comprehensive security audits of information technology systems, in accordance with the recommended ISO 27001 standards. Audits allow you to secure your service against security and integrity breaches as well as data leaking.

We have experience at all the levels of software testing process including infrastructure and hardware. We use specialized tools and laboratory environments:

  • Laboratory tools (programmers, interface converters, oscilloscopes, logic analysers, etc.)
  • Programming tools (IDA, JTAG (GDB), Emulators)
  • Tools for network communications and protocols analysis (Wireshark, Advent Net SNMP MIB Browser Utilities 5)
  • Network security tools : THC-Hydra, Metasploit, Brutus AET2) as well as proprietary solutions based on ​​Python and Perl
  • Software provided by hardware manufacturers – e.g. maintenance software COSEM

Formal audit

  • Interviews with the staff who are responsible for individual assets in order to determine the means used to secure these assets
  • Interviews with a selected group of employees in order to assess the general attitude towards company safety measures
  • Documentation analysis (including instructions and procedures)

Technical audit 

  • Websites vulnerability to attacks from the outside
  • Vulnerability of key infrastructure nodes
  • Verification of key internal applications
  • Verification of the effectiveness of security measures applied the workstation

We offer :

  • Performing tests at every stage of software development:
  • Functional tests
  • Non-functional tests
  • Mobile tests
  • Compatibility tests
  • Data migration tests
  • Performance tests
  • Security audits and tests


ul. Jutrzenki 183
02-231 Warszawa
tel +48 22 38 06 111
fax +48 22 38 04 751

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