Automation of mobile application testing using open source solutions.

Appium is the most popular open source framework for mobile application automation.  The aim of this workshop is to share our expertise of automated script testing Appium and Ruby programming language.  You will learn the basics of Ruby programming language. You will learn how to set up the test environment. The test will run on real devices witch Android and iOS platforms. At the end of the workshop we will prepare final test reports.

Who shouls attend:

  • Manual testers
  • Software test engineers , Quality Assurance engineer
  • Programmers

Price: 2900 PLN per person
Duration: 3 days
Training code: ATMOB
Training type: Workshop
Location: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow


  • Introduction to programming using Ruby language
    • Control Flow
    • Looping
    • Arrays and hashes
    • Blocks
    • Intorduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to mobile test automation
  • Installation of Appium and IDE
  • Configuring Appium for testing of Android and iOS applications
  • RSpec usage with Appium
  • Writing Appium scripts using Ruby language
  • Locating elements using built-in tools
  • Locating strategies
  • Automating mobile gestures
  • Reporting & verifying results
  • Creating repositories for test scripts with Subversion (SVN)

Our trainers are experts in using various tools in solving the most complex problems.

  • We offer training and workshops on how to use the key test support tools.
  • We specialize in test automation tools and testing process management.
  • Our workshops focus on conducting practical work with tools. Real life case studies usually constitute more than 80% of the workshops’ time.
  • We approach each customer individually. Each workshop is specially prepared to meet the needs of the customer.


ul. Jutrzenki 183
02-231 Warszawa
tel +48 22 38 06 111
fax +48 22 38 04 751

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